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We are so glad you are here & that you found our little corner of the Internet. We are two sisters who share a passion for creating. We would probably say that our creative passion comes from our dad, who is about as crafty as they come. Between the three of us, this small business dream has been forming in our minds for some time - we wanted to create a business where we could share our passions and creativity with those around us.


When sister Gab moved back to Florida in May, we knew it was time to take the next step. So, Dad dusted off his tool bench, Gabrielle broke out her sewing machine, and Hilary warmed up the heat press. The rest is (mostly) history - we opened our shop June 1 of 2019 and have been creating ever since. However, as time wore on our vision evolved, and we realized our passions go beyond creating tangible lifestyle products. We are definitely passionate about handmade items, but we are also passionate about a handmade, healthy life.


In October 2019 we expanded our business in order to share with you how we make (and keep) our homes and our lives holisticly healthy. Our goal is to create thoughtful designs for a simple & healthy {handmade} life and home. This business is our true passion: sharing handmade products and healthful recipes & challenging others to embrace a more thoughtful, non-toxic and sustainable lifestyle. Welcome to the family! Slide on over to our PRODUCTS page to see what kind of items we spend our time creating. 

Gabrielle {Barb}ir

Gabrielle is a nurse in the Tampa area by day & spends her evenings sewing up scrunchies & educating us on healthy eats & sustainable living. 

Hilary {Marc}iano

Hilary is a high school math teacher in the Fort Myers area by day & spends her evenings printing tees & canvas bags & educating us on all things essential oils & non-toxic living.


Dad is the mastermind behind all of the wood work and handmade wood pieces in our shop. He is a pharmacist by day, and a master with power tools by night.

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